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"Avamagba" the Herbs common among the Ewes that has Both Spiritual and health Benefits

Although there are numerous herbs, Aviati(leaves known as Aviamagba) also stands proud to be one of the herb with alot of benefit both religious and health factor. The Aviati (leaves known as Aviamagba)Ekporti, Amaga which has its foreign name as Newbouldia Laevis is a plant usually observed inside the Volta region of Ghana.

This herb has both spiritual and health benefit which may additionally assist you.

Spiritual Benefits:

It's far used for cleansing. That is the motive when conventional worshippers are performing their rites, they use it in the course of their bath and also is the purpose it is used after getting back from the cemetery or funeral(throughout burial) to help you stay away from stuff you do not want to peer. As the name advised, it's far one of the first rate herbs(Amaga) so it's miles utilized in mawuviwo(gods) inception or establishment so most gods or idols have this herbs underneath them.

Health Benefit;

1.Epilepsy:The bark, root and leaves of Newbouldia Laevis can treat patients suffering from epilepsy, paralysis, convulsions and spasm.

2.Chest Pain: The bark of the plant can also be decocted with chilli's for treating chest pain

3.Eye treatment: Aviamagba or Newbouldia Laevis leaf extract can be used for both eye and ear treatment.

4.Antidote:It can also serve as an antidote for treating venomous stings and bites. The leaves also helps animals especially horses known in Ewe as "Edit" as an appetizer.

5.Uterine Stimulant: it is effective for inducing labor. The leaf is used to initiate labor facilitate birth or to protect the young embryo. Newbouldia Laevis can also be used to remove the placenta, in Ewe language known as "Amenor" after delivery.

6.Anti Bactericidal: The stem bark of Newbouldia Laevis has antibacterial activities.

7.Oedema: Newbouldia Laevis bark and roots can be used for treating swelling, and oedema arising through dietary deficiency.

8.Laxative: Newbouldia Laevis can also serve as Laxative.

9.Treatment for arthritis and rheumatism: Newbouldia Laevis bark and leaves can be used for treating arthritis and rheumatism and acts as painkiller

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Amaga Avamagba Aviamagba Aviati( Newbouldia Laevis


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