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Here are some reasons why you should not drink chilled water.

Here are some reasons why you should not drink too much cold water.

Drinking room temperature water is necessary for the digestive process, however, drinking chilled water can lead to constipation. The reason is when you drink chilled water, the food solidifies and hardens when passing through the body.

2. Another reason to avoid drinking chilled water is because it decreases the heart rate. Studies have shown that drinking chilled water not only decreases the heart rate but also stimulates the vagus nerve. The nerve which controls the involuntary functions of the body. The nerve is also an integral part .

3. Shocks your Body.

Drinking chilled water after a strenuous work out should be strictly avoided. Many people make the mistake of drinking chilled water, especially during summer after working out. However, according to gym experts, it is advisable to drink warm water after work out.

4. Also drinking too much cold water reduces blood flow.

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