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Run For Your Lives; I Will Be Killing Patients Soon. - Student Nurse Reveals Sad Truth. (Video)

It can be very worrisome and disturbing when forced to do something against your will. A concerning video of a young girl saying in her local dialect that her incompetence and negligence will put the lives of her patients in serious danger because her parents have forced her into a profession against her own will has surfaced on the internet. Apparently this unidentified lady has been forced to enroll in a nursing training college by her family members.

The girl as seen in the video shared her plight of never wanting to be a nurse in the first place but her parents are forcing the profession down her throat. Her fear now is that there will be repercussions felt by anyone she will attend to in the near future when she finally completes her schooling and is posted in the health sector.

In the video shared, she boldly declared that she has no dream or desire of becoming a nurse but her family are forcing her into the profession.

If you should ask me, I think this whole thing should be blamed on none other but her family. Most children are usually forced into profession which they do not like. Very often, these thing starts from the SHS level. Parents and guardians usually force their wards to enroll in course they choose for them and deprive their ward the opportunity to choose their own preferred course of study.

Video link.

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Run For Your Lives


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