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Checkout the differences between HIV and AIDS

HIV represents Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It's an infection that separates certain cells in your safe framework (your body's protection against illnesses that assists you with remaining solid). At the point when HIV harms your insusceptible framework, it's simpler to become truly ill and even bite the dust from contaminations that your body could regularly fend off. 

About 1.1 million individuals in the U.S. are living with HIV, and in excess of 38,000 new contaminations happen each year. The vast majority with HIV don't have any indications for a long time and feel thoroughly fine, so they probably won't realize they have it. 

When you have HIV, the infection stays in your body forever. There's no solution for HIV, however medications can help you stay sound. HIV medication brings down or even stops your odds of spreading the infection to others. Studies show that utilizing HIV treatment as coordinated can bring down the measure of HIV in your blood such a lot of that it probably won't appear on a test — when this occurs, you can't communicate HIV through sex. 

Treatment is truly significant (that is the reason getting tried is so significant). Without treatment, HIV can prompt AIDS. Be that as it may, with medication, individuals with HIV can live long, solid lives and stop the spread of HIV to other people. 

What's the distinction among HIV and AIDS? 

HIV is the infection that causes AIDS. Helps represents Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. HIV and AIDS are not exactly the same thing. What's more, individuals with HIV don't generally have AIDS. 

HIV is the infection that is passed from one individual to another. Over the long haul, HIV obliterates a significant sort of the phone in your safe framework (called CD4 cells or T cells) that shields you from contaminations. At the point when you need more of these CD4 cells, your body can't fend off diseases the manner in which it regularly can. 

Helps is the illness brought about by the harm that HIV does to your safe framework. You have AIDS when you get hazardous contaminations or have a very low number of CD4 cells. Helps is the most genuine phase of HIV, and it prompts passing after some time. 

Without treatment, it typically requires around 10 years for somebody with HIV to create AIDS. Treatment hinders the harm the infection causes and can help individuals stay sound for a very long while.

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