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Fact: See How Eating 3 Eggs a Day Affect Your Heart

Fact: See How Eating 3 Eggs a Day Affect Your Heart

The average consumption of eggs has been linked to several benefits including improving eye health, reducing the risk factor of stroke and many more.

However, due to its high amount of Cholesterol, there have been several concerns linked to the overconsumption of eggs. One of the concerns which I would want to share with you is the effects of eggs on the heart.

In the cause of the article, I will also give you a bonus tip on how eating too many eggs can cause diabetic problems, so may want to read to the end to get the full details.

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So What Makes Eggs Bad for The Heart And Diabetes?

According to Healthline, eggs are very high in Cholesterol. It is stated that a single egg contains 212mg of cholesterol which is actually over half of the daily requirement – that is 300mg.

This implies that people who eat more eggs, over 3 eggs payday were more likely to have health concerns. According to, one study has associated the consumption of many eggs with higher coronary artery calcium scores.

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Again, people with type-2 diabetes who eats more eggs per day are also advised to desist from the act as it causes a higher risk of heart diseases.

Moreover, there are other studies where the consumption of eggs caused no adverse effect on individuals. Hence, it is worth noting that, the effect of eggs consumption on an individual depends on the immunity and health status of the individual.


I advise you to stick to two eggs a day to be on the safe side.

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