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Pregnancy period

Use this natural plant to get rid of Menstrual Disorder, lower Abdominal pains and Menstrual cramps

Hi lovely people hope everyone is doing well, am back with another article which talks about Menstrual Disorder

Ladies for that Infection, Menstrual cramps, Irregular & Scanty Mensuration, Lower Abdominal Pains, Sperm Leakage, Waist Pains, Lack of Ovulation ( No sign), Menstrual seizure or Stoppage without Pregnancy. This is the Recipe for you.





- CLOVE (Zobo Pepper)

- Bagaruwa (Booni in Yoruba Language).

Note: You can also us Powdered Tumeric


- Peel your Ginger, Garlic & Tumeric.

- Grate/Blend or Slice them together.

- Pound your Clove ( Don't pound too much)

- Pound the Booni ( Don't pound too much).

- Store in a container to 3 days. After d 3rd Day

Take a cup of it first thing in the morning On an empty stomach and last thing in the night.

Take till your next Menstrual date and see the flow.

This Combo Resets your entire system for both Men & Women.

It Boost Sperm Count for Men just add more of BOONI.

 Health is wealth.




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Menstrual Scanty Waist Pains


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