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Read What Happens To Your Body Anytime You Swim In Sea Water

Swimming us seen by many as sporting activity as well as hobby people usually do at their leisure time. But I must confess to you swimming becomes a health therapy when done in the sea water. According to research, people who swim in sea water avail themselves to certain health benefits that thise living inland do not.

The term 'thalassotherapy' (using sea water for cosmetic and health treatment) is long lived practice that dates back to the ancient Egyptians. No wonder sea swimming is continually growing around the globe. Whatever the season, sea swimming could be the perfect to rejuvenate your body and mind.

With clear cut effects on health and wellbeing, let's quickly look at some couple of health benefits of swimming in sea water.

Sea water is stuffed with plenty of goodness for the skin. It has chloride, calcium, sodium, magnesium and sulphate that work as natural skin treatment. The magnesium in sea water helps absorbing toxins and reduce inflammatory, leaving the skin fresh.

Healing abilities. Chemical elements in the sea water activates the body's healing mechanism and aidvin the healing of diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, arthritis and localized aches and pains.

Swimming in sea water also induces the parasympathetic system responsible for rest and repair to enhance the release of dopamine and serotonin. These are enzymes responsible for keeping us nappy and its low level may lead to depression.

Proper Blood Circulation. Thalassothrapy helps to improve blood circulation by restoring essential enzymes in our body that are reduced by poor diets, stress or environmental pollution. The cold water help to move blood quickly from extremities to our major organs and then back again as we warm up.

Improved Immune function. Sea water contains a great amount of mineral, vitamins, amino acid and micro organisms that have antibacterial effects and can work as antibiotics. As we swim andvinhale the sea mist, these elements are absorbed by the skin and they boost the production of white blood cells which are important for fighting infections.

For those who are not fortunate enough to stay at the inlands, you can get a substitute of sea water by just adding some quantity of sea salt to your bathing water to enjoy these same health benefits.

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