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Impressive:Doumbouya Commissions An Ultra-Modern Hospital In Conakry

Doumbouya continues to impress his countrymen with his infrastructural development across the length and breadth of the country. Initially, many doubted his ability to rule a nation since he is a soldier. However, the interim president of the transition has proven them wrong and shown that Leadership is an inborn quality.

In less than two years of taking over power from the octogenarian, massive projects are ongoing in the country and this will inure to the benefit of the masses. Major Roads, interchanges, schools, and hospitals are under construction and one would wonder what will motivate a group of people to prefer this competent leader out of power?

At Donka, a state-of-the-art hospital was commissioned by Doumbouya in the company of his presidential guards. It is made up of three operating theatres, medical laboratories, sterilization centers, and outpatient departments. This medical facility will go a long way in providing adequate healthcare for the people.

The coup maker is optimistic that the renovated hospital will serve the community and its environs in life-threatening situations and provide general health for the populace.

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Donka Doumbouya Ultra-Modern


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