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4 Challenges That Lie Ahead As We Prepare For The Third Wave Of COVID-19.

COVID-19  left us with subdued damage that will take more than just the Government’s effort to mend and alleviate. The second wave of the pandemic in Ghana peaked on 9 May 2021. The following are some dominant challenges that Ghana faces as a country today:

1. Controlling The Spread Of The Virus

Accra is a densely populated country with 464 people/sq km. It is more than just a challenge to contain the virus once the country is up and running like usual. Practising social distancing in locals of Accra, crowded cities or widely spread slums of Ghana is one of the most arduous and demanding challenges.

Cough hygiene and mask adoption are also predominantly absent in the country. More disturbingly, almost 20 million do not have access to clean water to sanitise or wash their hands.

2. Reviving The Economy

The 21-day lockdown imposed in 2020 put more tensity and strain on the already crumbling economy of Ghana. This not only completely declined Ghana’s growth but also pushed unemployment to a peak.

Almost 75% of Ghana’s 100 million migrant workers became unemployed overnight. It was calculated that the retail industry would lose 10 million jobs while the restaurant industry would lose 10.5 million jobs and the transport industry would lose 5 million jobs.

3. Saving The Medical Sector From Collapsing

As per reports, Ghana has only 0.8 doctors less per 1000 people, which is comparatively less than Italy’s 4.1, China’s 1.8, Spain’s 4.1, Iran’s 1.1 and the U.S.A.s 2.6. Ghana is also short on hospital beds, with just 0.7 hospital beds per 1000 population.

4. Sustaining Education In Rural Areas

With COVID-19 came the urgent need to completely shift the face of education in Ghana. This highlighted Ghana’s need to revisit and rethink the Ghanaian Education System. It has been more than a year since school and college students saw their education campus, with no sight of that happening any time soon.

Almost 1.2 million children in Ghana do not have access to digital facilities and other required equipment to continue their education.

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