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Babies and mining areas have huge health risks

The Volta regional director of environmental health and sanitation has said newborn babies in mining communities are exposed to health risks.

She said the exposure of expectant mothers two chemicals such as cyanide nitric acid sulfuric acid Mercury and other harmful chemicals which are used to separate the mining minerals the mining minerals from its constituent ore. This poses serious health issues for babies in a mining communities.

Madam Kumedzro, in an interview with the Ghana news agency said the chemicals used in mining sectors have great negative effect on the kidney liver heart and brain of newborn babies.

She said when the chemicals taken into the body or drunk or ingested into the body good cause harmful effects on the individual.

She said The corrs of the negative effects are newborn babies of the results that chemicals used in the mining industry exposed to newborn babies are of mutation of the genes of the expectant mother.

She recommended the use of personal protective equipment to protect workers from exposure to the harmful chemicals used in the mining industry and also washing of hands to prevent ingestion or intake of these chemicals into workers or individuals exposed to the harmful chemicals.

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