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6 habits to make you mentally strong.

The first of the six habits is taking control of your emotions. Do your friends and family get you emotionally hurt or upset? Or people tell you things that hurt your emotions. I'm the situations you may feel angry and upset but not allowing them to take control of you makes you a mentally strong person.

An illustration is not taking out your on people when they make you angry with some words or behaviours they put up. Rather keeping calming and acknowledging enables you to calmly process them, work through them giving you the ability to respond to most situations with a clear head.

The next is questioning your thoughts and beliefs. When you think critically about your thoughts and beliefs you are challenging yourself. Questioning things or ideas you hear gives you the reason to dig deeper allowing you to learn a lot about other people's perspectives by doing this, gives you control over how the information affects you.

Creating healthy boundaries. Helping friends and family is great but being at everybody's back and call can put unnecessary stress on you. Remember you cannot give what you don't have. So if you don't give yourself the time and space to regain energy how then will you be able to help the people you care for?

The fourth point is learning from your mistakes. Obsession over something in the past only adds more stress to your problem. When you start to think about what happened, think about why it happened and now draw out a plan to improve upon it next time. This will make you mentally strong.

Another one is limiting your time on social media. Some applications make it easy to compare yourself to others, things like Oops she is looking really beautiful and those glossy photos make it look like life is green on their side and that is where the game of comparison sets in which eventually leads to depression because you might think you are not good enough. Therefore limiting your time on social media help make you mentally strong.

The last one is taking time for yourself. Do you often have long days at school and work? Going up and beyond and keeping productive tasks is great. But if you don't take time for yourself, your mental health can take a hit. Just like you sometimes need to take a nap after lunch to boost your physical strength, your mind also needs rest

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