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Marwako Food Poisoning: FDA releases verdict after investigations into reports of food poisoning

Readers can recall how more than 60 customers of Marwako were confirmed to have been poisoned as a result of eating the restaurant's food. Readers can also reminisce how various families had to spend days at the various hospitals in the Greater Accra Region due to the Marwako food poisoning. Many of these families complained about the heavy medical bills that they had to pay at these hospitals due to extent of illness.

Reports indicate that the contamination of food affected their La, East Legon and Abelenkpe branches. The Food and Drugs Board has released damning verdict after the investigations.

It was also confirmed that the levels of sanitation and hygiene in their food preparation points in three branches were low. Other reports have indicated the possible contamination of food arising from the transportation of the food stuffs.

According to TV3 news, the three affected branches have been closed down.

Even though there has been a negative publicity stunt, Marwako Food continuously assures the public about its clean environment. What are your thoughts about the reports of the investigation? Do you think this incident of food poisoning will affect the Marwako brand?

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