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Ladies: Stop Washing Down There-Pharmacist warns

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Washing the vagina can lead to many problems. You might have heard that the vagina is like a self-cleaning oven. Today we will be looking at reasons why you should stop washing down there according to an expert. Without wasting much time, let's dive in;

Mr. Stephen Turreh, a Pharmacist at the Ashaiman Polyclinic, is cautioning against the use of vaginal wash and feminine hygiene products, which can lead to bacterial infections and, afterward, multiply the risk of cervical cancer.

He disclosed this in an interview at Tema, "Cervical cancer is cancer that starts from the cervix, which is a hollow cylinder that connects the lower part of a woman’s uterus to her vagina."

Mr. Turreh said that the majority of women, particularly the young ones, are in a hurry to purchase something to tighten their vagina after birth or give it a pleasant smell and have turned to the use of feminine hygiene products like vagina wash, which are advertised on social media platforms.

Mr. Turreh added that it is important to educate women on the effects of such products as they contain chemicals that destroy the protective agents in the female reproductive organ while using them and help them attract bacterial infections.

The female reproductive organ has its own beneficial bacteria that serve as protective agents to fight infections, but the chemicals in those products make them less effective, putting women at a higher danger of having infections that could lead to cervical cancer.

He said, "When a woman gives birth, the PH level of the vagina is neutral, but once she starts menstruating it becomes acidic, and that acidity is for a purpose, so any micro organism that enters there that is harmful to the body will be taken care of by the acid environment."

Mr. Turreh said that aside from cervical cancer, other related diseases could be contracted, including pelvic inflammation, particularly through douching with devices other people had used.

He advised women against the use of some homemade concoctions to clean the vagina, saying: "Getting something to cure something is very easy, but the problem is what it does to the body."

He advises women who have discharges with odor and discoloration, as well as itching, to seek medical attention rather than using home remedies.

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