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Do You Still Eat Meat? See What Happens To The Body When You Stop

You may be a meat lover but have you ever considered limiting or avoiding the intake of meats? Some meats are good while others might cause problems to your health. Even the good ones can cause problems for your health if the rate of consumption is not limited. However, the ‘good’ ones will even depend on the kind of food you blend with. Poultry meats have been proven to be very healthy than other red meats. Although poultry could cause health issues when consumed excessively. 

Reducing your intake of meats or avoiding them will not only improve your health but will also protect you against the risk of various diseases.

This article reveals the health benefits you will achieve if you avoid or reduce your intake of meats. 

Helps Improve Weight Management

Have you been struggling to manage your weight or get that flat tummy? Just cut back or avoid your intake of meats. Eating less or no meat will improve your metabolism and entire well being.

A lot of studies have proven that diets that consist of vegetables instead of meats help in weight loss and management. Also, plant based diets are full of antioxidants and fiber which improves your immune system. Swapping meats for plant based diets reduce the fat and calories intake which will help manage your weight. 

Prevents the risk of heart diseases

A lot of research studies have found a link between saturated fats and high risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks. This means that consuming large amount of meats increases your risk of heart diseases. There are some meats that contains more saturated fats which means that, high intake of such meats increases your risk of heart diseases. Meats such as red meat, sausages and bacon contain a lot of saturated fat while poultry and lean meats contain lesser amounts of saturated fat. With this, consuming poultry meat more than red meat reduces your risk of heart diseases.

However, the best option is to go for plant based diets since they contain unsaturated fats which prevent the risk of heart diseases. Also, more consumption of processed meats increases the blood pressure as a result of high content of sodium in them.

Improves your Gut health

Another benefit you will gain from avoiding or reducing the intake of meats is to help improve your gut health. Diets which include vegetables, fruits and other plant based products instead of meats are very rich in fiber and as a result help improve your gut by feeding the good bacteria in the gut. Good gut helps your body to prevent the growth of cancer cells and also help improve the entire body system. 

Protects you against certain types of cancers

High consumption of some types of meat such as red meat, sausages and bacon may cause colorectal and breast cancers. Therefore, it is good to avoid or limit your intake of such meats. However, poultry and fish have no relation to development of cancer cells. A lot of studies have confirmed that vegetarian diets, fishes and some meats reduce the risk of colorectal cancer and other types of cancers. 

In addition to the above, for pure good health, opt for fishes, poultry products and plant based diets such as vegetables, fruits and beans instead of constantly consuming processed meats, red meats, sausages and bacon.

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