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I Lost My Nose To Cancer…

For some people with nasal cavity or paranasal sinus cancer, the end of treatment can be both stressful and exciting. You may be relieved to finish treatment, but it’s hard not to worry about cancer coming back (recurring). This is very common if you’ve had cancer. For others , the cancer might never go away completely. Some people may still get regular treatments to try and control the cancer for as long as possible. Learning to live with cancer that does not go away can be difficult. People with cancer of the nasal cavity or paranasal sinuses are at risk for the cancer coming back (a recurrence) and developing new cancers in other parts of the body, so they must be watched closely after treatment.

Dealing with cancer is one thing. While this has been Becky Thomson’s reality, she acknowledges her self-proclaimed “cancer skirmishes” while still finding the joy to plan dinner parties, sing in a choir and volunteer. In her ongoing battle, there is no keeping this fine lady down.

Becky lost her nose to skin cancer. Here, she shares her story with the hope of helping others like her. 

Cancer took Tina’s nose but not her fighting spirit. After the 43-year-old from Texas was diagnosed with nasal cancer, she made the difficult decision to undergo a full rhinectomy to remove her nose. At first, Tina struggled with how she looked to others and wore a prosthetic, despite it being uncomfortable for her to do so. But with the support of her loving husband and children and an incredible determination to strengthen her self-confidence, Tina embraced her beauty. Now she is inspiring others. Tina told truly: “From the moment we're born, society tries to fit us in a box of what is acceptably beautiful, what is acceptably appeasing to the eyes, and I want to shatter that box. I want to destroy it. I don't want anybody to ever feel like they're not beautiful.” 

Today Becky is confident and is now an inspiration to others.

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