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Wonders Shall Never End: See What An Old Man Was Spotted Eating On The Road That Got People Talking

Old age is one of the blessings that everyone human being will always pray for, because you stand to gain a lot of things when you get to your old age. Some of the benefits that you can have access to when you are old is that, your grandchildren will be around you to make your Happy. Your own children will always take good care of you at all times, just to make sure that you do not lack anything at that time. Proper Medical treatment and Check ups will be given to you as at when due, and the food that you eat will be highly nutritional, for the benefit of your health.

I would want to use this medium to plead with my fellow Ghanaians that, if you see anyone who is less privileged on the street, please do well to offer them an aid to. And if you come across an old man/woman on the road, who is having difficulties in life, please look out for them because for the fact that life is going well for you, doesn't mean that it is also going well for others out there. A lot of people can be going through a hard time in their lives.

I came across a video this morning while I was strolling down the internet, when I came across a disheartening video of an unidentified old Man, was spotted on the street of Accra eating and drinking some content, which can be very toxic and harmful to his body. Personally I felt pity for this man because, had it been that he had something good to eat, nothing will make him choose that kind of food.

In the Video, the unknown old man was spotted eating uncooked corn, and he was drinking An Alcoholic drink to wash it down. Judging from the manner at which he was eating those things, there is every indication that he must have had nothing to eat for the whole day.

Below are the Photos gotten from the video footage:

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