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4 morning habits that will change your life.

Everything we do immediately we wake up in the morning directly affects our mood for the rest of the day.It also determines our motivation and priorities, therefore it's essential to watch what we do immediately we gain consciousness in the morning. Below are a few habits to build on;

1.Avoiding social media ;This has been stressed over and over again but is actually important. With the times we're in right now, it's possible the first newsfeed you're going to get on your page is negative, which is not healthy for brain.Focus on something mentally fulfilling like exercising, and watch your day automatically get better.

2.Plan out the day;Setting your priorities straight first thing in the morning is very important. It helps declutter your schedule and your mind as well.It also gives a special sense of purpose for the day, because you have a clear cut list of what you want to achieve in the day.

3.Have breakfast ;Unless completely necessary,it's not healthy to skip breakfast in the morning. Mostly because it's the most important meal in the day and provides essential nutrients to carry the body through the day.

4.Don't stay in bed for long ;It's important to not stay in bed too long after waking ,else the brain will likely stray to other unimportant things. Get up immediately and start doing something physically demanding to completely get out of the sleeping state.

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