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If You Accidentally Drink Poison Don't Panic Do This.

In our everyday lives we eat and drink to stay healthy and also nourish our body. We can accidentally take in poison mistaken for food when this happens don't panic.

In this episode, you know the steps to take to avoid death from poisoning. This article is extremely important, so please share it with your friends and family, as you will be saving a life.

Activated charcoal

These natural goods will save you some money at the store.

Simply prepare your charcoal and lemon juice for this procedure.

·       Clean the charcoal which is made from burned wood.

·       Crush the charcoal until it turns to powder and pours into a cup, using a glass container and filtering the charcoal as required.

·       Extract the lemon juice and combine it with the water.

·       Turn the charcoal as well, and pour the lemon juice into the powdered charcoal, stirring constantly until paste forms.

·       Leave it alone for 24 hours.

·       After 24 hours, boil the mixture for a total of 3 hours, ideally.

·       Separate the charcoal from the rest of the mixture and dry it.

·       Store in an airtight jar after drying.


How to use

Take half a spoonful of the mixture with one glass of water and drink slowly.

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