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3 Smart Habits that Make You Super Healthy

In life every quality, valued and treasured lifetime goal is usually achieved through hard work, discipline and perseverance. 

People who are considered super healthy people do not only have to set a goal for themselves to gain that status, but they have consciously developed a habit where they consistently work towards achieving that lifetime goal through discipline and commitment. 

They always strenuously follow their plan of actions while eschewing negative practices that have a tendency to jeopardize their health. 

They continuously stick to routine exercise and healthy lifestyles that would guarantee them their desired result. 

Not only that, but they constantly remind themselves irrespective of their age to eat right.

Some young people have the notion that they are strong and do not fall sick, so they do not bother themselves for eating the right meal and anything they consume.

But super healthy people do not take chances as they have a plan to maintain their health status even in their prime age.

These are the tips that super healthy people stick to in order to maintain their health status.

1. Establish meal schedule. 

In order to build a healthy lifestyle and gain super healthy status you should prioritize a healthy eating habit with a well coordinated and planned eating schedule. This involves the right quantity of food you eat at a time and how balanced it is. 

Your diet should contain the right amount of fruits, vegetables, and less protein. It is important to avoid red meat and eat plenty of beans instead for the right protein in your system. Better still or at all cost as you strive to attain super healthy status you should endeavor to stay away from surgery food and all those sweets. 

Super healthy people are mindful of what they drink.

They avoid alcohol, juice, soda and beverages that contain sugar.

Most people do not know that eating sugary food causes piles(Kooko). And as a result makes you weak in bed. 

Instead of drinking alcohol and other beverages, you should regularly drink more water, especially in the morning around 7am and 8am.

2. Do regular exercise :

The importance of exercising is a significant part of achieving super healthy status.

When you exercise you stand out in properly managing your weight, strengthening your heart and body muscles. 

According to an expert if anyone wants to attain a super healthy status they should endeavor to engage in regular exercise by spending at least thirty minutes and four to five times each week. They recommend that those work out should among other things engage in weightlifting and cardio exercise. 

Here are the list of some of the best cardio workouts that you can add to your exercise regiments : 

Jump Rope. 

Jumping Jacks. 

Squat Jumps. 



Running the Stairs.

Jogging in Place.

3. Institutionalizing Medical checkup. 

Super healthy people make appointment at the doctor a priority to ascertain his or her health status at a regular interval.

They don't wait till they fall sick before they visit the doctor for treatment. 

Routine medical check-ups by the super healthy people make it possible for them to find out potential health issues before they become worse. When you see your doctor periodically, they are able to detect health conditions or diseases early. Early detection afford you the opportunity to know the right treatment quickly to avoid any complications.

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