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Meet The Saudi Prince Who Went Into Coma For 16 Years Before He Finally Died

For me, sleep is normal. Sleep is healthy. When there is not enough sleep for a person, it causes serious health problems, and too much can be very dangerous. Remember that anything over done is bad. However, this handsome Saudi prince slept for 16 years. It is a bad experience that you will not see your enemy. Sleeping very long is a bit strange in our society today. Sleeping all day long is comfortable, sleeping a week is uncomfortable, sleeping a year is another.

As one of the youngest prince in the Arab kingdom, the royal family has been sleeping since 2005. Prince Al-Walid bin Khalid Al-Saud has been in a coma for years. A coma, or coma, is a state of unconsciousness that causes a person to be unable to wake up, usually due to some form of trauma. Is this caused by a disturbance in the body's systems that affect the brain and cause long-term uncontrolled sleep?

This handsome prince had a serious accident in 2005. This car accident was brutal, impacted his brain, and put him in a coma for 16 years before dying permanently last year.

The most painful part of his story is that he owns large stakes in big companies like Apple, Disney, Twitter. His ability to recover is beloved as he is one of the most famous people in the Saudi royal family.

Life is unbalanced, full of mystery, poor people pray to God for money while rich people who own shares in world standard companies pray for their lives. If money can buy health or life, this prince's family who didn't save a cent to ensure his life is only sad because he died without taking his belongings.

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