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Disease prevention and treatment

Use these leaves to cure all these diseases.

Wellbeing is riches and your well-being is my need, that is the reason I will not quit giving you wellbeing tips for a sound living. I would exhortation you to peruse this piece till the end. 

Moringa leaf that many believe is pointless is honoured as a characteristic spice and when joined with not many severe kolas, it produces astonishing outcomes. 

Crush moringa and unpleasant kola, absorb dry gin or schnapps to separate the dietary and wellbeing parts of both medications. This has been demonstrated to upgrade sex drive and lower glucose level. 

How could it be readied? 

Wash some moringa leaf and granulate along with 3 bits of severe kola. 

Measurement: Take 1 spoonful toward the beginning of the prior day eating and around evening time. It'll standardize your sugar level. 

The mix treatment is clarified further: 

1. Bubble moringa leaf and 2 severe kolas for 15minutes. Drink the water twice every day, a little cup would do. It's viable in relieving the fruitlessness issue. 

2. Add moringa leaf when creating your soup so your body can get dietary enhancements like nutrient D, magnesium, selenium, omega-3, nutrient B1. 

3. Cut 3 harsh and splash along with moringa leaf in severe lemon. It has been demonstrated to be viable in bringing down circulatory strain in hypertensive patients. 

Moringa leaf and unpleasant kola are by and large compelling in treating: 




Feminine agony 

Intestinal sickness 

Low sperm check 


For low sperm check: Grind moringa leaf and 3 severe kolas, bog cooked white rice and add to it. Blend in with a tin of milk and drink two spoon twice a day by day. it has been demonstrated to help sperm creation. 

For dandruff: Get moringa seed, crush it and add water. Apply to the hair toward the beginning of the day after washed up how you apply your hair cream. 

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