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Check Out These Amazing Instruments Doctors Used in OR(Operation Room) And What It Does

Although is only God who can decide for us to be alive or dead, Doctors can sometimes decide. They play a very important role in our lives especially when they have to cut us open and operate on us especially the Surgeons.

They can certainly predict whether we can talk, walk, stay alive, die, and a whole lot, and in today's article, we are about to witness some of the tools they use in the operating room (OR). 

Here are 8 of them:

Surgical Clamp

They are tools designed to hold materials together or back during medical procedures, commonly used for blood vessels, tissues, needles, and towels.

Surgical Forceps

Surgical Forceps are grasping-type surgical instruments used during surgeries and other medical procedures. They are used for tweezing, clamping, and applying pressure and also can be used as pincers or extractors.

Surgical Forceps are often used for holding or removing tissue or for placing or removing gauze, sponges, or wipes and are more precise in function and technical efficiency than using the fingers.

In homes, it's more like the tool we use in picking vegetables, and among others.


Suction is a useful technique used to clear the airway of blood, saliva, vomit, or other secretions so that a patient may breathe accordingly. It also helps in preventing unwanted, irrigation fluid, or other fluid from the surgical site.


In our normal homes, we may call this knife but in surgery, it's called a Scalpel.

Scalpel is used to make cuts into our bodies. It also comes in sizes, each and what it does.


Sutures are used by surgeons to close up wounds on the skin or other tissues in the body. It's more like a needle attached to a length of thread for stitching wounds.

Lap pads

A lap pad is a 6" x 6" white cloth used to soak up fluid during surgery especially when it involves the internal region.

In homes, it is more like a rag or tissue we used to clean or soak fluids.

Sternotomy Tray

The sternotomy tray is the gateway to the heart as it allows surgeons to reach the heart or nearby organs and blood vessels internally.


Echo for shorts, Is a graphic outline that monitors the heart rate which shows how an individual heart pumps blood.

Doctors are really lifesavers and we appreciate their works.

What do you have to say or have knowledge on other tools you may want to share.

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