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Are You Aware of Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Patient? Discover the Patient's Charter Now

Patients' Charter

A Patients' Charter! is a document that outlines rights of a patient at point of receiving healthcare services. Every patient deserves quality basic healthcare regardless of their location. Here are some of the rights you are entitled to as a patient:

1. The right to full information on your condition: You have the right to know everything about your medical condition, including the management plan and any potential risks involved. However, in emergency situations where you are unable to make a decision and the need for treatment is urgent, you may not receive all the information.

2. The right to know about alternative treatments: You have the right to know about any alternative treatments that may be available to you. This information can help you make an informed decision about your care and contribute to improved outcomes.

3. The right to know the identity of your caregivers: You have the right to know the identity of all the caregivers who will be handling your care, including students, trainees, and ancillary workers.

4. The right to consent or decline participation in research studies: You have the right to decide whether you want to participate in a research study involving you. If you choose not to participate, you are entitled to receive the most effective care available.

5. The right to privacy: You have the right to privacy during consultation, examination, and treatment. In cases where your case notes may be used for teaching and conferences, your consent must be sought.

6. The right to confidentiality: Any information obtained about you should be kept confidential and not disclosed to a third party without your consent or the person authorized to act on your behalf, except where such information is required by law or is in the public interest.

7. The right to information regarding healthcare policies and regulations: You are entitled to all relevant information regarding the policies and regulations of the healthcare facilities you attend.

8. The right to complain and have conflicts resolved: You should be informed of procedures for complaints, disputes, and conflict resolution.

9. The right to know about hospital charges and anticipated expenses: You have the right to know about the charges for the services you will receive, the mode of payment, and any other anticipated expenses.

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