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If You Don't Want To Suffer From Heart Failure, Lessen Your Intake Of These 3 Foods.

The heart is a very vital organ present in the body of animals. However there are many animals which have more than one heart, animal like the octopus has more than one heart.

The heart is a muscular organ which is positioned in the just just beneath and slightly toword the left breastbone. It's roughly the size of a clinched fist.

The heart pumps blood to all parts of the body. It is believed that once the heart stops beating ,you die. Therefore it's important to take very good care of the heart by taking a keen interest in your daily lifestyle. One of the conditions which affects the heart is heart failure.

In these article I have researched and compiled 3 foods which when taken too much can cause heart failure.

1. Alcohol:

Heavy drinking of alcohol is the best for the body. Too much drinking can in the long run take one to the grave early. An in-depth study has shown that taking in a lot alcohol can cause heart failure as well as other health problems such as hypertension, weight gain and stroke. It is there advisable to cut on your amount of alcohol in take daily.

2. Sugar and salt:

Too much salt and sugar intake can trigger or increase the chances of you getting a heart attack. Taking a lot of sugar can lead to a condition known as diabetes.

3. Red meat

Eating read meat such as pork and lamb in large amounts can increase your chance of developing heart failure. This is because saturated fat can aggravate bad cholesterol levels in the body. Avoid too much read meat on a daily basis.



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