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I Sold My Newly Born Baby For GHS 2000 To Save The Life of My Dying Mother; Am I 'Heartless' ?

Many are the affairs of life and the choices it brings. Some are really tough and others are quite daring making even the righteous go astray from the line of operation and mindset.

I was 9 months pregnant and it was just a stressing period and my first time. I tried to be in good shape and my best behavior since I've heard talks of bizzare behaviours from wives and pregnant ladies.

At that very time, my mum had been admitted to the hospital and my husband on the rig didn't want to deal with her for a past event of him being humiliated by my mum teasingly.

To be frank, I have never seen him give someone this kind of hatred and 'i don't care' attitude.

Are all men like that?

Scaling to my mum, I seriously needed money and my husband didn't want to hear of it since it was for my mum.

I was close to my delivery date and I soon gave birth. To be frank, I was filled with anger and negative emotions, and not that I'll blame my husband or something.

My reason was for the demand of GHS 2000 cedis for my mum's surgery so that she'll be saved. They said it's urgent or she could die.

I had no desire for the baby that was born and the first though that came was to sell him. I sold my baby on second thoughts to the hospital for anyone who would want him as there had been cases of many coming to adopt babies.

I sold him for the GHS 2000 cedis to save my mum after three days and now, my mum is all safe and all good.

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I feel really bad and my husband is arriving in 28 days time from the rig. I don't know what to do or what to say.

I know I made a bad choice but I felt there's no harm in using another life to save another since it doesn't mean killing.

Am I heartless?

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