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"You Will Soon Be Registered Midwives But Look At What You're Doing" -Lady 'Exposes' Friends (VIDEO)

Some men in universities like eating from polythene bags when they are hungry and cannot get the time to wash bowls and put the food inside. But for female students in nursing school to eat from polythene bags because of laziness or hunger seems a little bit strange. One of the duties of nurses or health professionals is to teach about proper hygiene.

But these soon to be midwives in your picture have been captured by a colleague eating from polythene bags. According to the video recorder, the friends are very disappointing because they are supposed to advise Ghanaians from eating hot food from polythene bags.

Dr Andre Kwasi-Kumah, a general practitioner at the Eden Family Hospital one said that some of the chemicals in polythene bags have the tendency to disrupt reproduction in humans which can lead to infertility, diabetes and hypertension.

But checking the screenshot from the video in this article, these midwifery students being fully aware of the consequences are eating hot banku and light soup from polythene bags. The lady who recorded her friends said that these ladies will be fully registered nurses in just two months.

The lady said in typical Twi language, "Oh, what are you doing? In just two months time, you will be fully registered midwives. What kind of disgrace is this?". The ladies were hiding their faces from the camera after the friend caught them doing this in their room.

Some Ghanaians after coming across this video said that these are the same midwives who will be screaming at pregnant women for improper hygiene when they get to the field. Others said that these are lady girls. They don't want to wash bowls after eating that is why they are engaging in this unhygienic activity.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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Andre Kwasi-Kumah Eden Family Hospital Ghanaians Twi VIDEO


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