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The wonder tree at a village

There are many wonders that are found in our lovely and beautiful planet. If you are to talk about the wonders of the earth, they are seven.

In this cases, we ought to forget that everything around is of wonder. We sometimes do not pay attention to those things that seems to be impossible because we do not care of the benefit it brings us.

This tree is just a normal tree which was cut down because it keeping shade on planted seeds which do not allow sun to shine upon it. Later about months past, we thought it is going to die but we were wrong.

To our surprise, it starts growing leaves and one major shock is that, there was a different plant growing from it. How possible is that? It was no other plant than palm nut tree.

Palm nut trees are very thick and have strong root, so how can this normal tree germinate a palm nut tree. This tree is found in a town called Dominase at Komenda in the central region of Ghana.

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Dominase Ghana Komenda


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