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Biology questions for all wassce 2020 students

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Question 1

(a) i. List three characteristics of living organisms

ii. Explain briefly the characteristics listed in ai above.

b) In a tabular form, state four differences between plants and animals.

c) i. Name one organism that exhibits both plants and animal features.

ii. State four animals features and two plant features possessed by the organism named in ci. above.

Question 2

(a) Define the following terms:

i. Elimination

ii. Excretion

ii. Secretion

(b) Describe the digestion of boiled fish in the gut of humans.

(b) Make a diagram, 8cm-10cm longitudinal section of a villus and label fully.

Question 3

(a). Explain the briefly the following ecological terms:

i. Biosphere ii. Habitat.

b) Describe the method of nutrition in a named carnivorous plant.

c) State three reasons why the dispersal of fruits and seeds are important

(d) State six methods of conservation of soil.

Question 4

(a) List the Distinguishing features of the following cells, giving one example in each case:

i. Prokaryotic cells. ii. Eukaryotic cells.

(b) Describe briefly the structure of DNA.

(C) What are the main differences between DNA and RNA?

Question 5

(a) List five importance factor to be considered when building a house in the tropic.

(b) State:

i. Five ways in which drinking water can be contaminated;

ii. Four ways by which contaminated water can be purified.

(C) List:

i. Two qualities of portable water;

ii. Four diseases caused by contaminated water.

Question 6

(a) what is pollination?

(b) state three effects of each of the following pollutants on humans:

i. Dust ii. Smoke ii. Sewage iv. Refuse

(c) i. List three source of noise pollution.

ii. State two ways by which noise pollution can be reduced.

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