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The Minister came to the Committee with a lot of questions instead of answers - Citi TV Journalist

The need for setting up the 3-member Committee to look into the Ejura Assassination and Brutalization incident is as imperative as the evidence being tendered in by the witnesses during each interrogative exercise.

Again, the level of neutrality and fairness of the committee members is equally significant in determining the true outcome of the whole process.

Moreover, the demeanor and composure of witnesses, coupled with their knowledge in security issues, and the whole incident particularly, would have a greater bearing on the entire proceedings.

Ideally, there are certain questions Simon Osei-Mensah, who appeared before the Committee of Public Inquiry, as the first witness should have been able to comprehensively and intelligently provide answers to.

However, it appeared that his political power and prowess superseded his role as the Chairman of Regional Security (REGSEC).

Here then comes of the issue of conflict of interest. Per his own account, he justified that he was unable (in other words), it was impossible to organize an emergency meeting when Ejura protest was so intense between the police officers and the Protesters because he was in another meeting in Accra.

He further justified that there are so many instances in the Ghanaian security system where the Police and the Military worked hand-in-hand to control and manage difficult situations involving civilians. He therefore saw the need to call on military officers to augment the work of the police in the Ejura protest.

Osei-Mensah additionally tendered in a video as an evidence that reveals what actually happened during day of protest, and the corresponding assaults and killings that came up.

He however indicated that he was not going to reveal the identity of the person behind the production of that video. He further cautioned that should they play or display the video in public, substantial information from that same person, which will firmly support the case, and help in its true outcome, will be impeded or blocked.

After his session with the Committee, Citi TV had an extensive review and discussion on the whole interrogative process with Anass Seidu (Citi TV Security Correspondent) and Sixtus Dong Ullo (Citi TV Legal Matters Correspondent).

Anass Seidu really lectured Simon Osei-Mensah on the actual steps he should have taken as the Chairman of REGSEC.

He revealed that the Regional Minisiter, per the law, should have called for an Emergency meeting with a team of security and intelligent forces from REGSEC, Military and the Police Service in the regional domain, to gather a very strong force of security intelligence before intervening in the situation.

Anass further disclosed that the decision to direct the military officers to Ejura should have been come from the Head of the Military. That was not his job at all.

The first step the Regional Minisiter should have taken according to him, was to saturate the entire streets of Ejura with a huge number of police officers prior to the protest. This could have reduced the confidence and capacities of protesters to embark on that exercise.

Undoubtedly, this prudent and intelligent decision could have prevented all these assaults and killings.

Anass Seidu conclusively declared that Simon Osei-Mensah appeared before the Committee of Public Inquiry with a lot of questions instead of answers.

His posture depicted someone who does not know much about the work he is supposed to do as a Regional Minisiter and Chairman of REGSEC.

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