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Opinion: The problems in Ghana are just three(3). Ghana will be like 'Heaven' when they are solved

The recent increase of hardship in the country seems to be unbearable. There are several pending strikes and demonstrations on the government which are set to go live soon. People do complain each and every day about the poor management of the country. This hardship seems to increase everyday and no one seems to care. The government seems to be trying but the best is not enough.

As a concerned citizen in the country, I can conclude that, the problems in the country are just three. When these problems are solved, Ghana will be a very interesting and the best place to be in the world. It will be like 'heaven on earth'.

Below are the three(3) main problems in the country.

#1. Unemployment

The recent increase in this problem is overwhelming. Over 200,000 persons graduate from the various tertiary institutions in the country each year. Out of this number, only 5% seems to get jobs from the public sector. The rest will have to wait for more than 5 years before they can get something doing. The government is also urging the youth to be entrepreneurs on their own. But where will one get capital to start a business.

There is the need to create enough jobs in the country. When there are jobs, there will enough income in the country since every worker will pay tax and the government will also get enough revenue from the jobs. Government can ban all imports in the country and create similar products of same quality and make Ghanaians work there. This will create jobs in the country. The youth are tired of being hungry all time. 

#2. Poor road networks

This is one big problem in the country. Most roads in the country seems very dusty and muddy. Vehicles often get stuck on these roads due to how bad they are. Most accidents in the country are also as the result of this. Ghanaians deserve better. This is the second problem in the country.

#3. Poor facilities or no facilities at all.

Most school buildings in the country seem to be in a very terrible shape. NGOs are trying but the government seems to be working slow at this. 

There are several public facilities such are hospitals are still in lack in some communities in the country. The system in the country must work.

Ghanaians deserve better. 

Ghana has a rich land yet we are suffering. There are Gold, Oil, timber and other precious resources which can make Ghana a very awesome place to be but it turns out to be the opposite.

What causes these problems? Is it because of bad leadership or the character of some Ghanaians?

Comment below your opinion on this.

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