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Put Pride Aside, Seek Help From Your Predecessor, John Mahama and Fix the Country together

"We are sitting on a time bomb. I am speaking as a spiritual man and as the watchman upon the walls of this country that we are sitting on a time bomb, and it will not be too long, we are going to face a situation that there is nothing National Security can do about it. Because the most dangerous thing is to fight with a man who is not afraid to die".

These were the words of His Eminence, Archbishop Duncan Williams as far back 2019 during an extraordinary interview with Paul Adom Otchere on the Good Evening Ghana show. In that interview, the respected religious leader underscored the hopelessness that youths in West Africa including Ghana have been subjected to for several years. He said unless a deliberate action is taken to alleviate the situation of hopelessness among the people, danger is eminent from 2021 and beyond- an uprising among the youths.

It is important to go back to if you like, this prophesy at the time where there is rising digital activism in among the youths, especially in Ghana.

But what exactly are the "cries" of the ordinary Ghanaian?

1. The cry of the ordinary Ghanaian, hitherto, is to be gainfully employed.

2. To access quality education under a functional educational system.

3. To sleep peacefully in the night without worrying about a potential flooding when nature bless the soil with rain at midnight.

4. To walk in a a clean environment which is not engulfed in filth.

5. To have regular supply of water.

6. To have access to quality health care.

The big question is how do we solve this problem?

Once again, this is what Archbishop Duncan Williams had to say in the same interview:

"We are going to need a lot of spiritual interventions but we will also need a lot of the past presidents. Because if you sit down with President Rawlings or President Kuffuor or President Mahama, you realise they have wealth of experience to tell you how to move things in this country. But whether or not the administration in power will listen is another thing"(Archbishop Duncan Williams, 2019).


It is imperative to emphasize that politics is about conflict of ideas. Nation building is a collective responsibility. In particular, politics is about ensuring that the scarce resources of the country are put into the best and highest use. What matters is that, ultimately, socio-economic conditions of the people must be improved. Therefore, the process of achieving this end result must include exploring diverse knowledge, expertise, and experience across every sector irrespective of political affiliations.

In this regard, there is nothing wrong with seeking advice from others. It is okay not to know it all. It is okay to tap into the reach experiences of those before you. It is a sign of maturity. After all, the most successful persons in the world are not only great thinkers but those who take their time to seek advice from others.

Mr President if it becomes necessary, please, put pride aside and talk to your predecessor, John Mahama.

He[John Mahama] has been there before. He has all the experiences. He has what it takes to rally the citizens, especially those in his party to support the struggle. He knows how you might be feeling now because he has been there five years ago. With his help, it is possible to turn the fortunes of this country around. Two head, they say, are better than one.

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