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From Spain To London; More Forces Mobilizing For #FixTheCountry Campaign In The Diaspora

The #FixTheCountry campaigners are simply not giving up on in getting their voices heard and most importantly ensuring that the government heeds to their demands. To them, it’s a citizen-action and a just cause to demand accountability and responsiveness from state authorities.

As the group in Ghana continue to resist any attempt by the Police to restrain them from organizing their intended demonstration, their counterparts in the diaspora are far more determined to exercise their rights without any limitations. One successful protest was launched two weeks ago in Madrid, Spain by hundreds of Ghanaians resident in the city.

They matched through the city and to the Ghana Consulate to vent their frustration, as they say the ‘system isn’t working in Ghana.’ They wish things in Ghana could be as greats they witness in the European countries given the magnitude of our natural resource endowment.

That single protest rippled through every corner in the diaspora and signaled a call to other like-minded persons to join the cause. In London, another force is ballooning under the hashtag #FixTheCountry.

It is rumored that this protest would be much bigger than any other and beyond imagination.

A flyer shared on social media that detailed their movement plan indicates that more than a dozen groups across the city would convene at the Ghana High Commission at 13 Belgrave Square to register their displeasure.

This new group seems more coordinated than those in Madrid. They had scheduled an entire month to prep their activities until they march on 30 July 2021.

All these protests are held in solidarity of the actions being taken by their colleagues at home [in Ghana].

There is no indication of the extent this protest will go. As it appears currently, that is the only opportunity left, along the social media campaign they’ve have effectively managed of these months.

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