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Lawyer For Rastafarians, Who Dazzled Lawyers of Achimota, Had His Rasta On, Whiles at KNUST. DETAILS

The lawyer for the moment is undoubtedly, Lawyer Ras George Tetteh Wayo and he just won the most important and viral case for the two (2) Rastafarian students and entire community in Ghana, as the two (2), who were denied admission at Achimota School, had urged Ghanaians to applaud the High Court Judge who presided over the case.

According to Lawyer Ras, as I want to refer to him onwards here in this write up, Justice Gifty Agyei Addo has cemented the protection of fundamental human rights in the country after ordering the school to readmit the two young boys it previously denied to take in. Speaking to the media, he explained that the court has shown that human rights in the country do not exist just in law books, but they need to be observed.

“What her ladyship has done today is to make sure that human rights are respected, protected and fulfilled. What makes it beautiful is that she read some persuasive judgement and rulings from other jurisdictions like Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Now Ghana has also stamped its authority in fulfilling human rights. She has really cemented the protection of fundamental human rights in this country, just by her ruling today,” Lawyer Ras said.

Put all these powerful statements aside for a minute and think about this. Imagine that, a few years down the line, one brilliant guy was a Rasta man literally, but luckily for him, his Rasta was whiles he was at KNUST and in a country where we are still divided over the issue, one can understand the seeming challenges he my have gone through whiles schooling.

Well, stop imagining now, because, that is the story of that Rasta man, who has since shaved his hair, applied to Law School and passed his exams and is now, a professional lawyer. Trust me, now carrying just the Rastafarian culture now in his blood and thankfully to several news reports adding Ras to his name, which officially is not part, these are the few parts of the "culture" he can now hold on to.

This means that, his fight for the two students was more than even fulfilling his legal training of representing clients to seek justice, it was more about beginning a fight, that in his wildest dreams, will one day see him in lawyers robe and having his Rasta hair on, as countries such as Jamaica and South Africa, others allow.

If you just called me wishful thinker, well, you may just be choosing to ignore possibilities, one, which has made all mighty Achimota, which ignored Ghana Education Service's directive to now open its doors, to these "campus celebrities" eventually.

Lets get to know him even more! Lawyer Ras, is just 46years old. Having attended respected KNUST, he was the toast of the thousands of students at the Unity Hall, where he rose to become the JCR President eventually.

Interestingly in 2011, the ardent Rastafarian and pan-African cut off his trademark dreadlock in pursuit of his legal profession and termed the act as a ‘renunciation of his vow of a Nazarite’. The renunciation came exactly 7 years after the date, he took the vow.

And for Ras Wayo, he believes that the number 7 is very significant in his life. It is around the number 7 that he again received a new vision on January 7 that would mark the beginning of his political career where he announced joining renowned and now fallen Businessman, Dr. Nduom's PPP.

One may not be able to put a simple description on his life, as he has literally been involved in many interesting stuff. For instance, can you believe that, Lawyer Ras was once also, Ghana’s representative to the famous and much watched, "Big Brother Africa" Season? Well he was!

His desired fame in the entertainment circles on the continent however came to a screeching halt, as he was the first contestant to be evicted at the fourth edition of Big Brother Africa, titled "Big Brother Revolution" in 2009 in South Africa. His coming home, brought him little media coverage, as he was yet to get the needed blown up attention in Ghana then.

The dreadlocks he once sported have now made way for a lawyer’s wig. Lawyer Ras had said then that, he feels uncomfortable when people refer to him as Ghana’s worst performing contestant out of about the eight that have so far participated in the Big Brother Africa show then.

“I was evicted in the very first week but very few people know that I was then contending with my first degree at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi." he told the media, in an interview upon his arrival.

His full official name is George Tetteh Wayoe and the "Ras Wayo" has been his alias since his university campus life days, as I said earlier, when he had his Rasta hair-styled looks. Ras Tetteh Wayo, the extremely acerbic young lawyer, had enjoyed some good times on radio as well, as he was a one-time reggae music presenter of a radio in the western regional mining town of Tarkwa.

He may have come to national fame later on in his life, when he became a legal resource person for the TV3 media house, where he was consistently seen and heard making viewers best understand the complicated legal battles and processes during the famous 2012 petition.

He also gained some form of fame additionally, when later on, whiles he was speaking in an interview on OMAN-FM's newspaper review programme on Friday, 9th January, 2015, Tetteh-Wayo said he dedicated all his time and meager resources on picking taxis from his humble abode at Adenta, in Accra to the supreme court, on each day there was a hearing.

As he called on then Prez. JM to have mercy on him and dash him a small second-hand car to make his movements easy and to ease the current extreme pressure on his pot-holed distressed pockets. He said he spent about Ghc3,000 monthly on transportation alone and that was making it impossible to take care of both his elderly mother and nuclear family (wife and kids).

His statement that gave many people, an impression of how funny he can be, aside the organized and learned posture he had on TV3 then for months, was when he said, he takes "a calabash of 'hausa-koko' in the mornings before going to court to hustle for 'kpa-kpa-kpa' cases," also showed how his case for support, had been a serious struggle for him then.

Lawyer Ras was called to the Ghana Bar in October 3th in the year 2012 and this means that, come October 5th this year, he has been practicing Law for the past 9 solid years.

His Rastafarian love also inspired him to represent the Food Sovereignty Ghana (FSG). If you would remember, this group had mounted a spirited opposition to the "genetically modified foods " campaign in Ghana and led the group in its legal pursuits to prevent GMO in Ghana.

Which also appeared before the Human Rights Court in Accra on Wednesday October 31st 2018, in the famous Food Sovereignty Ghana & 3 Others Vs National Biosafety Committee & 4 others, specifically aimed at fighting against the commercialization of genetically modified crops (GM crops) in Ghana.

One last detail about him, I thought you should know also is that, apart from law practice, Lawyer Ras is also into music and in an interview with Ghanashowbiz as at 2012, had indicated that, he has recorded songs about global warming , oil production and a patriotic piece for the national football team, Black Stars then.

It may not have been surprising that, his songs are not yet out, but with his current national fame, who knows, this may be the right time for the serious lawyer to release those songs and give the self-confessed dancehall king of Africa, Shatta Wale and his competition Stonebwoy, a chase for the "love of reggae" craze, the youth of the nation has.

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Content created and supplied by: MrsCelestial (via Opera News )

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