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Lawyer Akoto Ampaw Is Not Saying Ghanaians Should Become Gays And Lesbians, This Is His Argument

Lawyer Akoto Ampaw has been a figure of ridicule over the past days by most Ghanaians after finding himself at where people will say the wrong side of the door. He has over the days received all kinds of mockery and being lambasted for his idea of being against the proposed anti-LGBTQI+ bill.

Lawyer Akoto Ampaw's argument or objections is all about infringing on the fundamental human rights of whoever wishes to participate or associate themselves with LGBTQ if the bill is passed as a law. He believes in the right of every citizen to make any choice of their own and associate themselves with any association without any hindrances or opposing forces.

He is a lawyer and he knows the constitution allows that right and freedom and this is his argument. He is just concerned about the right of the people and not the legalisation of the act. If the bill is not passed into a law everything remains normal, and there is no legalisation. If you want to do it fine, and no one can take you to court for that. If you don't want to do it to fine, we all live together as one.

We wouldn't want to arrest people for engaging in such act. We wouldn't want to imprison people for engaging in such act. It will really be sad to hear someone has been sentenced to prison because he was gay or she was a lesbian when it is his or her own choice. This can't be acceptable so far as he lives and he has a point on this.

I'm not sure Lawyer Akoto Ampaw himself would love to engage himself in such act because he knows it is immoral in his world or according to his belief. But someone doing it is a choice and doesn't want them go punished for that. He is not saying Ghanaians should become gays and lesbians either.

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