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Ketu South: Residents Storm Streets With Powerful Zangbetor Juju To Protest Against Border Closure

Clothed in red and black, hundreds of residents within the Ketu South and its environs have thronged major streets in Aflao to protest against the continuous closure of the Ghana-Togo boarders.

For over 17 months, Ghana's land boarders have remained closed with the emergence of the deadly corona virus pandemic.

This has brought serious social and economic implications to those leaving within the various boarder towns including the people of Ketu South. Large number of people within the Ketu South Municipality depend on the economy of Togo. The closure of the boarders has therefore affected the livelihoods of the thousands of residents within this locality.

Several calls by the residents and opinion leaders, through the use of traditional and social media platforms for the reopening of the boarders have not yielded any positive result. The residents have therefore trooped to the streets on Friday morning to call on the goverment to open the boarders.

In the company of the powerful deity called Zangbetor, they sang and danced while expressing their fustrations.

"We are hungry. Some of us buy goods from Togo and sell them in Ghana. Due to the boarder is closure, we are not able to do that again. We are pleading with the President to reopen the boarders for us because we are suffering", a female protester told Metro TV reporter.

Another protester quetioned the essence of keeping the airport opened while the land boarders remain closed.

"I am a driver. I drive from Togo to Kumasi. I have been jobless for several months now because of the boarder closure. Those of us who use the land boarders are also human beings. If the goverment fails to listen to our call, we shall open the boarders by ourselves".

It is interesting to note that although the boarders remain closed, some desperate residents find ways and means of crossing to Togo on daily basis. This however, comes with a cost as they have to "settle" some immigration officers.

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