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Achimota Forest saga: More public officers will be caught in the web very soon – Lawyer on probe

Constitutional Lawyer, Martin Kpebu, says he accepts that should a full scale examination be started on the Achimota Forest adventure, more open authorities will be seen as at legitimate fault for participating in comparable degenerate exercises.

"Every one of the people who have benefitted and Evans look without prevarication; we can investigate the precious stone ball and say that more open officials will be trapped in this web. That one I mean, come on, we've been around for quite a while.

"More open officials will be trapped in this web since Evans, you know, I know, we all know it, no one will deliver government land to pre-obtaining proprietors without that individual benefiting, so doing this is great that he's going. You'll perceive the way many individuals will be trapped in this web," he said on JoyNews' PM Express.

For this to occur, Martin Kpebu has required a straightforward and extremely open examination concerning the matter.

As per him, the whole examination continuing ought to be disclosed and government in comprising its council for the conference ought to incorporate someone from common society and a columnist.

"They ought to sit in broad daylight - recollect the Georgina Woode Committee into the cocaine adventure? - Yes so they ought to sit in broad daylight. Like we generally say, daylight is the best sanitizer, so we should provide it with a ton of daylight," he said.

He noticed that a conventional investigation into the matter would be the best line of activity for the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Abu Jinapor, and has subsequently praised him for his fearless position against the bad exercises.

In the interim, Martin Kpebu has urged other state organizations to send off their own examinations concerning the make a difference to decrease the chance of specialists conspiring with guilty parties.

According to him, “what the Minister is going to do is the best, so many people will be caught in the web, then they will see that o yeah now Ghana is changed or really changing. So let’s go for it, broaden it as much as possible and then of course remember I’ve already said that I’m into it for as many organsiations or state institutions that want to weigh in.

“so Parliament can take a decision that look, they want a full scale public enquiry, that one too we’ll go for it. Because Evans like you said the Minister has some sense of Energy and it appears he’s becoming infectious, I’m sure someday we’d want to laud Mr Jinapor for this. I hope he doesn’t lose the momentum too soon though."

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Achimota Forest Constitutional Lawyer Evans Martin Kpebu


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