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Fix The country: A common hashtag becoming a revolution.

Yesterday, the social media enclaves of Ghana took up a project or a movement through the #fixthecountry campaign, for Ghanaians to express their frustration on the current economic hardships in the country. A frustration born out of the imposition of multiple taxes on goods and services by the government. 

The campaign has been further enhanced by government's supporters decision to counter the movement with a failed #fixyourself response. Today, more than yesterday, the people are more charged and vigorously pushing on and giving the government pressure to honoured its promises to Ghanaians. 

Trends do start on internet, then later turn on to campaigns driven by hashtags, an internet language that makes trending stuffs go viral. This time, the fix the country trends seem to have been elevated not to just a viral stuff, but it's gradually developing into an internet revolution. 

Watch it carefully. This is likely not going to end on the usual business of making a trend go only viral and then dies out without any effect. This time, the way the hashtag has taken level, moving from Twitter to Facebook, and just a while ago, on Instagram, one can safely assume that, this is taking a revolutionary stature. 

For a long time, the youth of Ghana have been murmuring their anger at the political establishments. The lack of graduate jobs, the erratic power supply, high cost of living, expensive rents, etc etc. All these are experienced by those who do not have any political godfathers and connections. 

For those half qualified party supporters, they enjoy a chunk of the national cake without sweat. A teaming majority of the youth is suffering. 

The government and its communicators ought to be tactful. Their response to these charges should not be obnoxious like they attempted yesterday. They must treat this like a revolution and meet it positively, not like a common, everyday social media hashtag. 

This is a non-violent revolution. 

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