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Beauty with brains: Lawyer Akua has got what it takes to be placed in both categories

You have probably heard or even seen women who have got the beauty, women who have got the brains and women who have got both. They are the ones people usually call "beauty with brains". This article of mine is going to throw more light on a Ghanaian who falls in the third category of the options I listed above. She is the type who has got the beauty, the brains and even so, the curves.

Lawyer Akua Boadiwaa Boateng is the amazing woman I am talking about. She is a Ghanaian lawyer who has been in the news for a while due to her physiological appearance. She appeared on the radar not too long ago and has still managed to stay prominent on the big stage in the country. I can literally say she is now a celebrity due to the crowd and the attention she pulls whenever a single picture of her lands on the internet.

The nature of her huge and resplendent shapes lifted her and placed her amongst the fast rising female public figures in the country. There are other female lawyers out there who barely makes it right to the lips of Ghanaians but here is lawyer Akua who is just moving mountains with her posts.

Her decency and the beautiful shape she has got is something that calls for massive attention. She is just blessed for having it all. She falls within every subset which relates to both beauty and brains. I got through the web to find some gorgeous pictures of her so I could show you how great her appearance is.

Luckily, I came by these outstanding photographs and I think resisting them will be a very hard thing for you.

She is classy and has always got her smiles on point. This beauty is really going to make the courtroom interesting.

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Akua Akua Boadiwaa Boateng Ghanaian


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