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LGBT+GHANA, Is Still Active In Ghana And Have Raised This Much Money, To Do This. DETAILS

Eight members of Ghana’s Parliament have jointly submitted a private bill to push for the criminalization of LGBTQI+ activities in the country, as the proponents of the bill want the promotion, advocacy, funding, and acts of homosexuality to be criminalized in the country.

The Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram constituency, Sam George, who led the MPs to make the presentation, said it “is a landmark legislation that has taken the last 14 weeks working with a fantastic team of professionals to put together. It is in my humble opinion a world-class piece of legislation which should be reference material for other Parliaments seeking to pass similar legislation.”

This is coming on the back of the official opening of the office Complex by the LGBT+ Rights Ghana, in Ghana, who unlike any other pressure group concerned with sexual freedoms, are wild and unflinching.

Despite the office closure, a quick investigation on their Facebook age indicate that, they still have meetings ad trainings, for its members.

Well, whereas all these seeming challenges to their cause, is ever gaining seed also, it may have emboldened them t also leverage on the publicity and attention, that has come their way and what a strategy of theirs, to raise huge monies, to finance, their now, silent activities.

According to a fund raising campaign, which initially seemed impossible of raising a whooping $100,000 US Dollars, which translates into 597,000.00 Ghanaian Cedis, they may be inching far closer, by the day, as over 1,200 persons have directly contributed to the GoFundMe campaign, so far.

The campaign, reads that:

.LGBT+ Rights Ghana has developed the Community Support Fund Initiative to provide support and empower members of our Beloved Ghanaian LGBTIQ community who are financially constrained.

The initiative is a long term support system intended to address the struggles of a fast growing Ghana LGBTIQ community. Measures are in development to ultimately support a wider community, through microfinancing of entrepreneurial business initiatives and other capacity building auxiliaries.

LGBTQ+ Ghana Safe Space Community Center

On 24th February, 2021, LGBT+ Rights Ghana’s safe space was raided by the landlord, Ghana Police Service along with members of the media and officers from the National Security. As a result, the movement has had to seek new beginnings. We are hoping to build our very own community center, to continue in supporting the Ghanaian LGBTQ+ community. There will be risks, given the climate created from our first space, but our intentions are to expand our support network to include allies and those in Ghana who are not a part of our community directly but support.

In the midst of the challenges the LGBTQ+ community is facing, we have set the goal of creating an LGBT+ Safe Space Community Center. As a collective and autonomous project, our plan is to foster a much more cooperative approach, bringing together individuals, efforts and ideas towards making a greater impact and bring dignity to and for our community. Our aim is to raise $100,000 USD to secure a well-equipped facility with high-tech security installed and will support the programs, initiatives and operations of the movement and the Ghanaian LGBTQ+ Community in general.

The LGBT+ Safe Space Community Center will serve multiple purposes," it stated.

Yes, so you read it right, they d not want to high a building in Ghana anymore, they now want to build their own structure, and this plan, may well have started, as already, they have raised enough, that can buy a good piece of large tracts of land and build a decent huge structure on it.

From the data shared on the campaign, they almost halfway their target and hence have raised as much as, $48,102 raised of $100,000 goal. This translates into 287,168.94 Ghanaian Cedis, so far, handed to them.

Interesting comments, following their post on Facebook, about this fund raising campaign, have included the following:

Abdul Aziz Zaroo writes "Foolish group"

Ernest Basil Kwakye writes "Tell your leaders to get this insanity to the Middle-East first and we'll allow them in Ghana, and also ask Joe Biden, to go to Iran and discuss this with Ayatollah before writing his nonsense to Ghana"

Naa Oyo Quartey Papafio writes "Thank you for your work."

Abonaba Amin writes "Well these people should not be allowed to Dwell Among us They're cursed"

Rosita Scarborough writes "#Ghanasupportsequality; the Global Ghanaian Diaspora is mobilizing and yes, will fully utilize our economic, cultural and political capital. Makes a mockery to claim, you are a country of FREEDOM and JUSTICE; or invite the African Diaspora home, to escape persecution in the West only to run in to its waiting arms back home. NOT IN OUR NAME."

Freshes DE Mayor writes "With all the breast in the chest of a woman ,If I ever be a gay may lord punish me,"

Prince De-Daniel writes "As the World President of the Comment Reading Association (CRA) I'm only here to read the comments. Please keep it short and simple. We do appreciate your typing effort. Thank you have a great day"

UltraStudios GH writes "God hate what the LGBT people do and preach Lev 20:13 If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death, their blood is upon them. If you are affected by them and and you accept it and do it (homosexuality, transsexualism etc) then you must denounce it and pray against it, for God to save you else if you die in it you shall die in spirit or could end up in hell"

Abdul Aziz Alhassan writes "May Allah strike thunder on you people who are pushing this to happen in Ghana"

Godzkid Nii Addy writes "SAY NO TO LGBTQ GHANA"

Charles Nii Papafio writes "Admit you are experiencing abnormal behavior and seek for help"

Nana Esi De writes "Do we have lawyers to help us battle this Foa albino man?"

Nanah Pepra writes "It’s very sad that a lot of hateful comments are being allowed to go unchecked here. This is supposed to be a safe place. This is not a place where such vileness should be tolerated."

Freshes DE Mayor writes "With all this u still go for anus, God punish me if been gay ever be part of my life"

Nana Akosua Asante writes "Trumudi nti moni ahoto. .mmoa the only difference between you and aponkye is aponkye is wise"

Abu Jara Wangara writes "I pray they kill you all.. foolish Animal.. thank Mr President and the National security.."

Bryan Kweku writes "Trumu trumu fuo it been a long time u made an update why are u tired now sia fuo ! Thunder go kill u one by one"

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