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Bono Region: ActionAid Merged With CSOs In Tain To Fight Against Modern-Day Slavery - Details

Modern-Day slavery had continued to persist across the world despite the national and global efforts to prevent it.

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), most of the victims are children and women forcedly to labor. To address the growing elongated harassment and violence under inhumane conditions with physical and emotional tortures of workers, the ActionAid Ghana, a human rights-based organization led by Mr. Twum Dominic, a Labour Officer in the Bono Region has partnered with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Tain District of the Bono Region to rudiment and grasp to embark on inhibiting and immune from 'Modern Day Slavery in Ghana' projects to strategically propone to reduce the situation within working sectors.

The labour officer in his address at the dialogue with CSOs, farmers, community members and the media said, combating modern-day slavery in Ghana is a shared responsibility, hence the partnership.

He noted that, Ghana as a nation must ratify and implement the ILO Conventions to help obliterate violence and harassment in the field of work.

Speaking with Tain FM's Anopa Nkommo show host, Appiah Kubi, Mr. Twum said the ILO has Conventions related to field of works to regulate harassment and violence, C183 (Maternity protection convention), which stands in solidarity for women with their struggles, essentially in their maternity leaves to protect their salaries and positions after their leaves, C189 (Domestic workers' convention), purposely to protect by law for domestic workers from violence and harassment in the informal labour sector and the C190 (Violence and Harassment convention), which propel laws and regulations for the informal labour sectors.

The labour officer furthered and urged stakeholders to acquaint without any acquiesce to grasp the conventions to detest violence and harassment in the field of works to commute modern day slavery

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