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Why are they doing this to the old woman? Reactions as 90 year old woman joins Taadi Demo.

Before we can continue to read this, let me take this opportunity tog wish each and everyone of you a happy Holiday. I decided not to go to the office so that I can bring you the latest in town and indeed l, what you are about to read is the latest and the most trending on social media platforms. Enjoy while you try to share for others to read this article. Happy holiday.

What has been on social media has really left me thinking if our leaders really care about us. We use to say the youth must arise and fight for their future and that of our dear Nation, Ghana. In the last demonstration of the fix the country movement, some old people were seen among the youth protesting against the government. They were not that old but what have been seen today will really surprise you. Just get some snacks and read.

Another fix the country demonstration which is going on in Takoradi has sparked many reactions after a 90 year old lady was seen among the youth with the same motive. This one is different from the one that took place in the Country's capital, Accra a month ago. Those old people spotted among the youth were insinuating that they are joining the youth to protest because their children and grandchildren are jobless. I guess this old woman has the same motive. As old as she is, she was strongly dancing to the music that was being played.

Ghanaians are surprised to see this old lady on the street just to demonstrate against the NPP government. Many have insinuated that the president should consider the action of the old lady and create more jobs to help the youth. Some too noted that what the old lady is doing will breed nothing but burdens to her family because she is going to feel some pains after this demo is over. Some too noted that every healthy person should rise up and fight for the future of the country since a 90 year old lady has joined. Some too noted that the old is just wasting her energy.

Why are u doing this to the old lady? One is the commentators asked the leaders of the protest. According to this one, the leaders should have stopped the old lady from joining the demo considering her condition.

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Your thoughts are as good as Ghanaians. Drop it and follow up for more gist across the country. Happy holiday once again.

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