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The Achimota Rasterferian Saga; A case of bad precedence -NK ODURO

The High Court has given it's judgment and it's legally bounded until an appeal is filed which the Achimota school has done, due to a communiqué i saw this morning!!

Trurh is, this case is very very dicy. It is a case between Morality and Law!!! The question is, which school of thought do you belong??

For the purpose of this article, i will be very open. In as much as the laws enshrined in the 1992 constitution allows rights and freedom of association, movement, personal liberty, religion etc. We also have morals, Values, Conventions and culture that guides society. 

Yes the constitution is Paramount to any rule or regulations here in Ghana but if we think GES regulations are not necessary why did we formulate them?? Because we've been living with these regulations for decades so why now? and why not now? Lol


A native doctor's son gets admission to a Senior High School. Knowing very well how traditionalist/native doctors dresses or appears....

Painting a picture in your mind, i can see you are imagining a boy with dreadlocks full of cowries, a wrapper thighed around his waist, barefooted and holding the tail of a cow ryt?? (Tenkioo lol)

Now with the current precedence set by the Court, should the School admit the boy?? If yes why and if No why not🤷‍♂

NB: Please Don't forget the constitution allows freedom of association, movement, religion and personal liberty as in the case of Achimota vs Mahguy and Nkrabea. Also on the other hand, GES regulations does not support such outfit. Thankyou🤝😊

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Achimota Rasterferian Saga High Court


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