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Dudula; South African Protesters To Strike Again On July 2, Foreigners Threaten To Fight Back

Members of the South African group; Operation Dudula, have planned to lead a protest against foreign nationals on July 2 in Pretoria (Sunnyside).

In a video circulated online, some members of Operation Dudula are urging South Africans to join the protest to “reclaim our economy and Sunnyside. The same way we cleaned Johannesburg, we are going to clean Pretoria.”

In another audio shared among South Africans, the voice encouraged members of Operation Dudula to join the march. The member is heard instructing others to “demonstrate to legal and illegal migrants that South Africans belong to South Africans. Please, members, let us go to war. I take this as war. Let’s go to war.” 

However, some foreign nationals have also threatened to fight back against members of Operation Dudula on the day of the demonstration. In the same mode, the foreign nationals circulated some videos and audio revealing their intentions to other foreign nationals. 

“They want to burn our houses and take our shops. We are going to fight back, and we have got guns. We are going to equip each group with at least eight guns. We are going to shoot to kill.” 

Operation Dudula means ‘Operation Pack and Go.’ The group’s objective is to drive out foreign nationals from South Africa. They claim that these foreigners have taken over their jobs. 

Kindly watch the video on YouTube: SVTV Africa

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