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LGBTQ: Whether You Like It Or Not, You Will Accept LGBTQ -Avram Ben Moshe to Ghanaians

Avraham Ben Moshe, the leader of the common sense family, has warned Ghanaians to brace themselves and expect a law acknowledging LGBTQ+ to be passed shortly.

He compared it to a Bible phrase from Proverbs 22:7, which says, "The borrower is always a slave to the lender," implying that if we continue to borrow from other countries to fix our country when we already have everything we need, we would automatically become their slaves.

He explained that our hands are in the mouths of the countries from whom we borrow, leaving us with little choice but to do as they say, and that "this is the kind of predicament we find ourselves in with the LGBTQ problem."

"Whether we like it or not, Ghanaians will accept it because it is what they have planned previously, therefore you have no choice but to accept it," he told Rev Nyansa Boakwa on happy 98.9 fm's NsemPii.

"The same way they convinced us to accept and take the vaccine, they are going to push this on us," Avram continued. Despite the fact that it contradicts our societal ideals, it will be passed.

Ghanaians, according to Avram, despise hearing the truth, yet he considers the topic to be the most useless for us to debate as a country.

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