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What does 'consent' in law means? - Lawyer explains

What does 'consent' in law means? - Lawyer explains

It is true that sometimes when ladies say "no" they actually mean "yes, please hurty up". Dear men, as true as the above statement is, never ever work with it. Don't internalise it. Don't make it your motto. Don't repeat it to yourself.

That statement above is what has landed many men in trouble for rape, or attempted rape. Some people are in prison today because they assumed by the time they push some 3 times she will forget that no and say faster.

The test for rape in law, (unfortunately) does not cover the conduct of the victim. Hence whatever cues you had, whatever signals you got, whatever unspoken greenlight you thought you had to enter the kingdom becomes immaterial.

The only test remains you asked, dear may I bonk you, and she said "you damn right will, oya go ahead and mismanage my economy". This must have been obtained BEFORE any (vaginal) penetration! You cannot obtain (retroactive) consent after the act. Neither must consent necessarily last till the deed is done, consent once given can always be taken back, hence no matter where you reached before says "Moses, I don't think I want to do this" must end everything. 

Anything short of that is not consent. In fact silence does not mean consent! Sleep does not mean consent! Antipe does not mean consent, prior arrangement to go go Golden Tulip for a weekend of debauchery does not mean consent! Shopping trip to Dubai does not equate to consent, in fact, even prior BJ does not mean consent.

Yes it is true they sometimes say "stop what you're doing" and later shout "do what you're stopping", but it is not your duty to fix that mental problem, so focus. Even in other jurisdictions, like the European states and United States, Yes may not be an explicit consent, when you consider issues of coaxed sex. Coaxed sex is rape and a gray area which could get you jailed after you hear a massive YES.

We live on earth with luck. Men lives with pure luck everyday and that is the truth. Whether the woman said Yes or No; a woman who wants to 'mafia' you will still state that she didn't say YES!!! and the sad thing is, they will take her words for it against you and that is where the jail and damages comes in. You will be jailed even before you realise it.

My number advice is always makes sure SHE IS EXTREMELY WET before you do it. Because if she said YES and later tells the public she didn't say YES, the only thing that can save you is the vaginal test. If she was wet, doctors will confirm it wasn't rape. If she wasn't wet, no matter how many YES she told You, doctors will confirm rape because of hard penetration and that will send you to jail. Stay Safe and live a good life.

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