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It's Exactly A Year Today That I Discovered The Secret. I Wept And Almost Went Naked - Yaa Brefo

In observing International Women's Day, Nana Yaa Brefo has recounted how she discovered a secret a year ago. She said she never knew that it was her fellow woman bringing her down and killing her softly. She explained that a woman made her Weep at Adom TV to the extent that she started throwing her clothes away and nearly went naked in protest.

She asked herself how her fellow woman will make her feel so bad and Weep. Yaa Brefo explained that, last year during the celebration of International Women's Day her producer wanted her to host a female politician on their show.

After she had prepared to serve, a woman who never liked her went to tell their boss that she ( Yaa Brefo) is not right to host the politician in the studio. They never knew that she was behind the door and heard everything.

" At that moment I started weeping and started removing the clothes I was wearing for the show. I nearly went naked in protest" Yaa Brefo said. 

She was sad as to why women try to bring their fellow women down. She urged all women to observe the International Women's Day to change their attitude in bringing others down.

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