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Two Protestors Reportedly Shot Dead In Cold Blood By Doumbouya's Forces: Group Show Defiance

An African axiom says "the stubborn fly follows the corpse to the grave" and overly doing things will have dire consequences especially when a person has been cautioned several times.

Before the dissolvement of the National Front For The Defense Of The Constitution(FNDC) group, many demonstrations were staged across the length and breadth of Guinea. This resulted in the destruction of property and the loss of lives.

Despite several warnings from the military leadership to this pro-democracy group to abstain from further agitations, the members wouldn't relent and continued with their activities. Further oppression from the military wasn't brutal enough to cow them into subjugation.

True to their words, the group embarked on their intended demonstrations yesterday in the capital Conakry and the security forces responded harshly which resulted in the death of two young men. These guys defiantly stormed the streets and they were shot dead instantly. 

The FNDC insists they are still holding on to its political ambition and will continue to protest against the junta. 

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