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Like George Floyd, another African-American abused by the police

I am very saddened knowing our voices were never heard. After all the "black lives matter" protests, African-Americans are still being abused overseas. We heard a story about George Floyd who died in the hands of policemen not long ago.

Guess what? Recently, a similar incident happened. Like the clock, it took a 360 degree turn. Luckily, there was no death recorded.

This time around, a 13 year old African-American was the victim. I wonder why the police couldn't control a 13 year old boy without using so much force and power.

What if he died during the incident?

I thought George Floyd's story would serve as a deterrent to some police officers abroad. I was totally wrong!!!

New York Post, with the Twitter handle @nypost posted this picture on Twitter and captioned it "Louisiana cop accused of holding arm around a 13 year old's neck during arrest"

They really used the word "accused" when the evidence was right before them. This has sparkled a whole lot of conversations on Twitter.

Below are some of the comments people passed about the post

How long will it take the whites to suppress the freedom of blacks overseas? What all did we do to deserve this treatment?

Black lives matter!!!

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