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Chiefs Hold Emergency Meeting over alarming Rate of LGBTQI in parts of Upper West

Some Chiefs in Upper West Region have held a close door meeting at palace of the Overlord of the Waala Traditional area, Naa Fusieni Pelpuo IV over the alarming rate of lesbianism and gay practices in the Capital of Upper West Region, Wa. Some youth groups according to the royal household, have related the negative development to them.

This was announced by the Jimpenhi Naa, Naa Kadri Ibrahim in a statement issued to the Public.

"Following indications picked from a concerned youth group, which suggested that LGBTQ+ activists have found their way into the Upper West Region and Wa township in particular, His Majesty the Overlord, Wa Naa Fuseini Seidu Pelpuo IV occasioned a meeting. It involved the paramount chiefs of Busa, Kperisi (Rep), Sing and Guli and the following customary heads of the Wala community:

The Tendaana, Yeri Naa, the Regional Chief Imam and the Foriko. The leaders and reps of all religious sects in Wa were not left out. 

The issue was discussed at length and useful solutions suggested. The Wala Traditional Council would soon come out with appropriate measures to nip the menace in the bud meanwhile some residents have raised their concerns regarding the " Fix Wa" Proposal.

Dawud Abdul Qayyum Yahaya

"Why are we silent on the Wa Jamiat Girls' School students storming the Police station for the release of their teachers? These are the important things we need to publicize in the name of the campaign # FixWa . Why waste our energies on some bunch of irresponsible immoral nonentities making them and their evil act popular while there are several issues that really need FIXING.!!!"

Muhammed Hamdan

"My brother fixing wa is about eradicating homosexuality in the region if you feel that is not that important then also go and campaign on what you feel is important and leave us alone".

Haruna Dawood Kansuri

"I can feel your pain and your disappointment in the people of Wa.

Most of them think it doesn't concern them until it happens to them directly. With this indifference and the lackadaisical attitudes yet they expect change. God will not change your situation until you change your ways.

We have the ability to fix any and every social, environmental and governmental issues if only we form a pressure group. With solidarity Fixing Wa is not beyond our collective efforts."

Mariam Awudu

"Infact I agree with you people,now a days I don’t know what is wrong with my people and the leaders are not saying anything are they afraid of them or because their children are also part. Pls and pls our leaders in wa central should help us save the life’s of our young children coming up and those who are already in it".

The Development had sparked due some leaked videos and images projecting the act, this was labelled unfortunate by some religious and traditional leaders, they assured that residents that they will work on the issue in order to reduce it.

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