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'Y' Junction - mental imperialism on our African soil.

I was never in that era, neither was I part of that gathering, that joyous, jeering moment of total emancipation from cold imperialism. This is because my womb escape happened in the Rawlings' chain period.

But I grew up to learn and always reflect upon the finest liberation statement made by an unrotten tongue that day; "...the black man is capable of managing his own affairs".

Deep reflection and observation of unfolding events - reign after reign - with different party colours, from gun rulers to 'say make I say some' governance, and I see that unseen hidden oppression retarding our growth as a country.

We are made to look like the 'Y' junction with two free black dusty paths linked to a white tarred single-legion path. And so, we crawl and run to them helter-skelter and they treat us with impunity without their physical presence on our black soil.

My deepest fear lies not with state-looters and greedy fellows in 'say make I say some' governance but lies with the effect of their unreal nature which might ground the hidden imperialism on our black soil eternally.

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African Rawlings'


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